The North American SCRABBLE® Players Association oversees club and tournament play throughout Canada and the United States. Visit their website for information on events, clubs, membership, rules, statistics and more.

School Scrabble USA

The official website of our friends at Hasbro’s School SCRABBLE® headquarters provides numerous tips and resources to guide your school clubs, tournaments, and classroom activities.


Comprehensive statistics and information on upcoming tournaments.

Toronto SCRABBLE® Club

NASPA Club #3, which has been playing since 1975.

Mississauga SCRABBLE® Club

NASPA Club #422, which has been playing since 1993.

Brampton SCRABBLE® Club

NASPA Club #809, which has been playing since 2012.

The SCRABBLE® Player’s Handbook

A free ebook written by twelve top players on how to become a good SCRABBLE® player.

The Last Word

Independent e-newsletter about competitive SCRABBLE® play in North America.


Offering deluxe game accessories such as boards, clocks, racks and more, enabling SCRABBLE® players to be fully equipped for every game.


One-stop shop for clocks, boards, racks, tiles, bags, dvds, SCRABBLE® rug and more.


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