Want to start a SCRABBLE® club at your school? It’s easy!


Now available! The newly redesigned SCRABBLE® Starter Kit. It includes 6 specially designed wooden SCRABBLE® boards, 12 racks, 6 sets of tiles and 6 tile bags plus the most current word source, The Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Perfect for a classroom of 24 students or a SCRABBLE® Club, library program or extracurricular club.

In Canada:
$95 (in US dollars) includes shipping. Please add applicable taxes. Buy more and save more! Get 10% off for 25-49 kits and 25% for 50 or more kits. MasterCard, Visa and American Express accepted.
To order in the US or Canada, please contact:
Hasbro School SCRABBLE Kit
PO. Box 200
Pawtucket, R.I. 02861-0200 USA

Phone: 888-836-7025
Fax: 401-431-8082
Email: Email orders not available
Purchase Orders accepted.

The following is a list of NASPA SCRABBLE® clubs:

Mississauga SCRABBLE® Club
Toronto SCRABBLE® Club

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