wordfun1The following is a list of applications that can help you play and improve your game.


by Jason Katz-Brown & John O’Laughlin (Computer)

Quackle is a free program used to simulate, record, annotate and play Scrabble games. Quackle is presently the best AI player in the world and has been known to defeat experts.

by Michael Thelen
 (Computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Zyzzyva is a free program used for looking up words, anagrams and advanced searches, and quizzes. Zyzzyva is the primary study tool used by most competitive players and the foremost word judge program today.

by Gordon Dow
 (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Zarf is a free multipurpose app for players in any language. It provides word list lookup, pattern matching, word judging and a game clock.

by Eric D’Souza
 (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

This free app acts as a scoresheet for casual games and is useful for annotating your games and sharing them.

Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary
by Merriam-Webster
 (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

This new app for $4.99 gives you simple definitions for acceptable words.

Classic Words Solo
by Sébastien Leclerc

This is a Scrabble clone that also offers definitions for words played and can be played with both TWL and Collins dictionaries.

Scrabble Checker
by Pisanu Chaloemrattanaporn

A simple free app for judging the validity of words with options for all major lexicons.

Word App
by Craig Hart

This free app is useful for performing basic anagram searches.

Wordlist Pro
by Robert Andersson

This app is useful for performing basic anagram searches. The Lite version is free with ads.

Scrabble Clock
by Jonatan Strömsten

This free app can be used as a game clock.

by Haowen Ning

This is a free flash card app, which can be used to study a variety of subjects including word lists.

Scrabble Free
by Electronic Arts
 (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Facebook)

This is the official free ad-supported app that allows you to play against other people online including your friends.

by Internet Scrabble Club

This is a free computer application that allows you to play against other people online.

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